About us and our goals

FastaTech specializes in development of proprietary data analytics web platforms and data acquisition using embedded hardware and sensors. We have a wide experience with monitoring and controlling various hardware devices, and with processing and analysing collected data in web applications, which are tailored to fit customer’s needs. Currently, our main customer is a leading Czech company in the business of controlling and monitoring solar power plants. For this client, we developed a unique web platform to control and monitor any device installed in a power plant, such as invertors, weather stations, switchboards, etc. We have extensive experience with data protocol integration and real-time data analytics, as well as with established infrastructure (servers, database, messaging, and support).

Our service

Our mission is to bring the world of IoT and data analytics platforms closer together, and make it easier for customers to use it and benefit from it. We want to give our customers a friendly way of acquiring and controlling their data, and also help them with integration of their systems. We specialize in creating web data analytics applications and data acquisition and integration applications, but we are also able to create any application depending on customer’s needs (such as web apps, micro services, mobile apps, back-end services, APIs and etc.).

For our customers, we have implemented projects dealing with, for example, collecting and analyzing data from PLCs and other communication devices using proprietary protocols (ModBus, CanBus, SMA, Fronius, Refusol, Danfoss, Aurora, Kaco, Spinel97, Satcom, Sunways, Delta) . There is no problem communicating and collecting data from your devices according to another communication protocol and view aggregated data clearly in a web environment or mobile application.







THub.io - https://thub.io

THub is our in-house project and is currently being actively developed. It is an open data analytics platform to process and plot any incoming values mainly from internet of things (IoT), but it can be used to analyze basically any data. The system offers REST API and other APIs will follow (such as MQTT, SigFox, etc.). Data is processed in real time and plotted using various charts and graphs. Minimum, maximum and average values are calculated automatically from the incoming data.


Acu Analytics - https://acu.fastatech.cz

Consists of a proprietary data analytics platform currently developed for commercial purposes and hardware devices which serves the data. Main feature of this application is to give a customer tool for the analysis of data from intelligent batteries. Data is collected from AcuBox (similar to FastaBox, see below), which was also developed by us (as well as the application software to collect and integrate the data). The early stage of the developed application, which is now being tested by our customer, is shown below. Release of this product is planned for 2018. Accessto the application cannot be provided due to licence agreement.